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Mélissa Lapierre de Mélinville : Had me laughing out loud and cheering Jaime on.  Love this down to earth gal!
Yayis Espinosa : Was the right size and looked like a jersey
Dylanie Shaw : The uniform fit my son well. He wears it without the helmet falling off. For the price it is a good product that I will buy again if my youngest son is also into football
Andrea Johnson : My husband, now that he's past middle-age, prefers slacks with a stretch waist. I purchased this pair in black so that they would look dressy.  So many of the elastic pants have a band down the sides.  This pair is plain & when he has them on, you cannot tell they aren't regular men's casual dress pants.  He even wears them to church!  They fit well, wash well & were a very good price.
Brandy Schlicher Johnson : I love Hario filters. They came straight from the country, but the wait was worth it.

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